Adoption Information

Are you ready to find your new best friend?

Our adoption application is fairly extensive, but we do it that way to ensure that the pet and owner are compatible.

It is important that the application is filled out in its entirety. An incomplete application could delay the adoption process. Normally it will take approximately 7-10 days to hear from us on the status of your approval once the application is submitted.

A key part of the application process is your previous veterinarian information. We ask you provide vet information for pets owned in the last 10 years and the individual's name the account was under.

Finally, there is a 100-mile adoption radius. Anyone adopting from PCHS who for any reason has to relinquish the animal, by law, must return the animal to PCHS. We have established the adoption radius due to past instances where distance prevented an owner from relinquishing an animal back to us. In some cases, animals were unnecessarily euthanized.

We do not adopt cats to people who plan to declaw them. (More information about why we have this requirement can be found here.) If you are concerned about having a cat with claws, please talk to us about options for a happy home and a happy cat!

Adoption fees:
The adoption fee includes the following:
- spay or neuter
- microchip
- flea preventative
- heartworm preventative
- all updated shots.

This fee is paid when picking up your new pet. If adopting more than one animal, the adoption fee for the 2nd animal is half off.

Dogs: $175.00
Cats: $75.00

Adoption application:
Click here to see our list of currently available animals and begin the application process. Once again, we ask you fill out the application in its entirety to ensure a speedy review process and response. (If you require a paper application, please contact us.)